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Niti R-Curve – BAG

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Niti R-Curve – BAG


Key Specification

Extra smooth finish to reduce friction in the Oral Cavity.
Higher elasticity with Lower rigidity.
Comfortable to patient.

NiTi shape memory elastic alloy is used to produce an ideal orthodontic Archwire.
These wires deliver a constant force over a long period of time to get the desired result.
Super Elastic: will provide moderate consistent force for efficient tooth movement. Come with excellent resiliency with high flexibility.


1 Bag / Model: 0.012 (Upper-Lower), 0.014 (Upper-Lower), 0.016 (Upper-Lower), 0.018 (Upper-Lower), 0.020 (Upper-Lower), 

0.016×0.016 (Upper-Lower), 0.016×0.022 (Upper-Lower), 0.017×0.022 (Upper-Lower), 0.017×0.025 (Upper-Lower), 0.018×0.025 (Upper-Lower), 0.019×0.025 (Upper- Lower)



0.012''Lower, 0.012''Upper, 0.014''Lower, 0.014''Upper, 0.016''Lower, 0.016''Upper, 0.016×0.016''Lower, 0.016×0.016''Upper, 0.016×0.022''Lower, 0.016×0.022''Upper, 0.017×0.022''Lower, 0.017×0.022''Upper, 0.017×0.025''Lower, 0.017×0.025''Upper, 0.018''Lower, 0.018''Upper, 0.018×0.025''Lower, 0.018×0.025''Upper, 0.019×0.025''Lower, 0.019×0.025''Upper, 0.020''Lower, 0.020''Upper