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Tooth Torque Spring

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Tooth Torque Spring


Key Specification

Model: Large.Medium/Small

Size: 16×22,17×25/18×25/19×25

Application torque spring before the main arch wire with 0.46 mm x 0.64 mm stainless steel wire

the torque hole through the main arch wire fixed on both ends of the spring

strength of the single spring torque with crowns are angled lip not to exceed 90°

strength direction for the direction of the coil spring open

Torque according to need to move in the direction of the torque spring and lever on the gum or teeth braces or tooth crown

such as the need to move to the tongue palatal side root (positive torque) add in orthodontic bracket arm of gum, 

root need to move to the labial side (negative torque) arm placed in braces tooth or party

The routine was rediagnosed around 4 weeks.


10 pc / bag