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Stainless steel Ov – BAG

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Stainless steel Ov – BAG


Key Specification

Forged from highest quality medical grade steel
Strict corner-radius and torque controls ensure optimal wire to bracket interaction
Stress relieved for superior tensile strength with less brittleness
Heat treated to slightly higher tensile strength
Permanent Centerline Mark: The distinct upper and lower gable mark the archwire between the central incisors, prevents asymmetry problems. 
It also eliminates the need for time-consuming cinch-back bends. 

Used For Dental orthodontics treatment


1 Bag / Model: 0.012 (Upper-Lower), 0.014 (Upper-Lower), 0.016 (Upper-Lower), 0.018 (Upper-Lower), 0.020 (Upper-Lower), 

0.016×0.016 (Upper-Lower), 0.016×0.022 (Upper-Lower), 0.017×0.022 (Upper-Lower), 0.017×0.025 (Upper-Lower), 0.018×0.025 (Upper-Lower), 0.019×0.025 (Upper- Lower)



0.012''Lower, 0.012''Upper, 0.014''Lower, 0.014''Upper, 0.016''Lower, 0.016''Upper, 0.016×0.022''Lower, 0.016×0.022''Upper, 0.017×0.022''Lower, 0.017×0.022''Upper, 0.017×0.025 ''Lower, 0.017×0.025''Upper, 0.018''Lower, 0.018''Upper, 0.018×0.025''Lower, 0.018×0.025''Upper, 0.019×0.025''Lower, 0.019×0.025''Upper, 0.020''Lower, 0.020''Upper