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Shofu HY-Bond Glassionomer CX 1-1 Set

3 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ

Shofu HY-Bond Glassionomer CX 1-1 Set

3 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ


Key Specification

HY-Bond GlasIonomer CX-Smart is a truly biocompatible contemporary luting glass ionomer that guarantees reliable cementation for lasting restorations. Both the glass and liquid polymer components in the CX-Smart formulation have been modified to enhance the working and handling properties for an easier, cleaner application.

Based on Shofu’s proven track record in self-adhesive luting technology, HY-Bond CX-Smart comprises of SHOFU’S proprietary additive- HY-agent, “a tannic acid-strontium fluoride-zinc fluoride complex” that is known to promote mineralization, increase acid resistance and reduce solubility with anti-bacterial and anti-enzymatic properties while virtually eliminating hypersensitivity.

Chemically bonds to the tooth structure for excellent marginal seal and sharp set with remarkable moisture tolerance.
No etch or bond for a quick, easy and simple application– ideal for paediatric, geriatric and special needs patients.
Resin-free, suitable for patients with resin allergy.
Optimal thixotropicity and even film thickness with durable physical properties, high acid resistance and low oral solubility.
HY-additive ensures virtually no post-operative sensitivity & favourable pulp response.
Cost-effective and efficient.


1 Box/ 1set