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GC gold label 1 Mini Package

2 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ

GC gold label 1 Mini Package

2 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ


Key Specification

GC Gold Label 1 is designed for the final cementation of crown and bridge restorations.

It has been refined to provide enhanced physical properties.

GC Gold Label 1 chemically bonds to tooth structure and metal which provides excellent strength and marginal integrity for long term restorations.

It’s also well-suited for securing metal inlays, onlays, posts, and orthodontic brackets

Cavinton of this material for temporary filling of cavities and after endodontic procedures.


initiated binding of water and saliva
Excellent adaptation
easy to remove
Available packaging: 30g paste in a shade of white.


1 Box/ 1set