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Shofu Beautifil Injectable

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Shofu Beautifil Injectable

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Key Specification

Beautifil Injectable X is re-engineered as the next generation of Bioactive Universal Injectable composite, signaling a milestone in direct restorative treatment.

Revolutionize your daily workflow by simplifying the restorative procedure and boost efficiency while saving time as you “Inject & shape”.

Designed for life-like shade match, Beautifil Injectable X is ideal for restoration of all classes of cavities, minimally invasive cosmetic restorations, post-orthodontic corrections, tooth splinting as well as restoration of occlusal tooth wear.

Predictable Aesthetics with effortless gloss and self-polishing capability
Convenience with the “inject as you shape” consistency
Time saving & ergonomic to enhance efficiency in everyday practice
Invisible restorations that seamlessly blend in with natural tooth margins
Remarkable strength & durability for Anterior & Posterior Restorations
Unique nano S-PRG filler technology imparts bioactive benefits: anti-plaque, anti-caries & acid-neutralising capabilities
Exceptional wear resistance similar to natural enamel
Custom designed, disposable Barrier Sleeves for Beautifil Injectable X provides additional protection against cross-contamination
Beautifil Injectable X comes in 2 distinct viscosities with the same strength and durability.


1 SYR / Shade: A1, A2, A3, A3.5



A1, A2, A3, A3.5