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Diamond point FG – PC

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Diamond point FG – PC

SKU: D410001Master ຫມວດຫມູ່:


Key Specification

Specially designed diamond charged FG points that mimic carbide burs to ensure rapid and smooth cutting efficiency during cavity preparation and trimming/finishing of composite restorations


1 Box / 1pc



FG No.122, FG No.215, No. C104LL, No.101, No.101SR, No.102R, No.104, No.117S, No.121, No.121S, No.201, No.201R, No.201RA, No.204, No.211, No.215S, No.248, No.265R, No.319 (PC), No.321, No.321S, No.335, No.340, No.340S, No.421, No.440, No.440S, No.440SS, No.F102R, No.F104, No.F201R, No.F215, No.F414, No.F414S, No.SF102R, No.SF104R, No.SF201CR, No.SF215