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Self Cure Acrylics Powder/ບໍ່ຕົ້ມ – BTL

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Self Cure Acrylics Powder/ບໍ່ຕົ້ມ – BTL

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Key Specification

Self Curing Denture Powder with liquid is a self curing acrylic resin formulated to cure in 15-20 minutes.
Autopolymerizing allows for longer working time
Cures without the use of heat or special equipment

An autopolymer resin, used in many dental procedures, that can be polymerized by an activator and catalyst without applying external heat.
For repairing and relining dentures, this acrylic can be polymerized in 10 minutes using a pressure vessel.


1 Btl / weight: 100gr, 200gr, 400gr



100Gr, 200Gr, 400Gr


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