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Endura Posterio 8pcs/set

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Key Specification

Opalescent, micro-hybrid resin teeth are created for replacing anterior and posterior teeth with excellent aesthetics, optimal hardness, remarkable toughness and superior wear resistance.

The three layered structure comprising of enamel, dentin and base allow adequate adjustment or grinding without compromising on its aesthetic or physical properties.
The base is fabricated with a high quality compatible acrylic resin for a superior bond to the denture resin.
Special micro particle fillers in Endura Anterio impart translucency and opalescence similar to natural teeth.


1 Plate / Shade: A3 – M28 U, A3 – M28 L, A3.5 – M28 U, A3.5 – M28 L, A3 – M30 U, A3 – M30 L, A3.5 – M30 U,  A3.5 – M30 L



A3, A3.5


M28 L, M28 U, M30 L, M30 U