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Elastic (Latex) 5/16″(7.9mm)

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Key Specification

Orthodontic elastic rubber bands are made of natural rubber, safe and hygienic. Rubber band placer made of quality plastic material, hard to break.

Intended use is orthodontics, braces, tooth gap, and rubber bands can be used for hair braids, pony tails, top knots, horse braids, horse manes, horse tails, model airplanes, doll hair, fishing lures, dreadlocks, dreads, cornrow, wigs, and other uses.


1 Bag / size: 5/16″(7.9mm)*3.5OZ,  5/16″(7.9mm) – 4.5 oz, 5/16″(7.9mm) – 6.5 oz (Bag)



3.5 oz, 4.5 oz, 6.5 oz