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Dental Needle 27G*13/16

7 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ

Dental Needle 27G*13/16

7 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ


key specification

Terumo Dental Needles are designed with the goal to minimize patient trauma.

The dental needles are available in short and long sizes and with imperial and metric thread.

The needles are suitable for both conduction anaesthesia and infiltration anaesthesia.

disposable, sterile dental needles are latex-free for conduction and infiltration anaesthesia. Plastic cone, triple-bevel, siliconised cannulas and thin-walled needles.
– Ultra-thin dental needles.
– Pain-free penetration.
– Stainless steel, triple-bevel, ultra-slim. Bevel position indicator.
– Plastic hub.
– Translucent, standard colour polypropylene base for quick needle identification.

The cannula has high tensile strength and fracture resistance even if the patient moves bruskly during injection.


1 Box / 100 pcs