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Acid Etch Syring 37% 5ml

3 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ

Acid Etch Syring 37% 5ml

3 ໃນສະຕ໊ອກ

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Key Specification

This gel will effectively treat enamel and dentin, producing the necessary microretentive surface for successful bonding. The polymer thickener creates thixotropic properties, enhancing handling characteristics. The etchant rinse away cleanly and quickly, leaving no residue.

Indications:Treat dentin and enamel, treating agent on dental restorative material

Isolate tooth and then prepare the cavity in a conservative manner. Clean the entire surface with a slurry of pumice and water.

 Apply etchant using a tip, a disposable syringe tip, or disposable brush tip. Allow etchant to remain in palce for 15 seconds. etching time should be monitored with a stopwatch. Begin timing at the end of application.
 Rinse thoroughly (at least 5 seconds) to completely remover all traces of etchant.